Land Use & Zoning

For over two decades, Joseph F. Silek, Jr., P.C. has regularly been involved in land use and development projects in the Northern Shenandoah Valley. The firm’s land use & zoning practice group handles the processes of preparing, submitting, articulating, and defending our client’s applications before the appropriate local government staff, planning commissions, local legislative bodies, and concerned community members. Our team offers a superior understanding of the legislative approval process and the personalities that shape public policy.

Our zoning cases vary in complexity – from conditional use permits for small landowners to mixed use projects. Almost all cases involve understanding various community concerns.

Our attorneys have spent their entire professional careers in the Northern Shenandoah Valley community and have been involved in the leadership of business and civic organizations that make up the fabric of our region. Our established and proven relationships with city, town, and county authorities, coupled with our intimate knowledge of the region, help our clients achieve their visions.

Our Land Use & Zoning services include:

Our offices are strategically located, with substantial practices in the jurisdictions of:

Location, talent, experience, and pragmatic thinking are the key components to reaching a successful conclusion for your real estate requirements.